Parle Choco Rings Biscuits X24

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5 reviews for Parle Choco Rings Biscuits X24

  1. Agnes

    This biscuit is so good, delicious and sweet. I am addicted

  2. Damola

    I’m sooo addicted to this biscuit. I could eat it everyday all year

  3. Anthonia

    Pls is it possible to increase your production on this biscuit? It’s so scarce to get. I personally have alot of positive reviews from friends who have eaten it and we have being searching the nook and cranny of Ibadan to buy it. I pray the company doesn’t stop the production oooo. Maybe l should come get the distributorship of this biscuit sef

  4. Edom Karina

    I love this Choco ring
    I’ve looked everywhere for it but couldn’t get
    Would like to even buy packs of this biscuit

  5. Catheryn

    Not just Ibadan, also scarce in Abuja too. And i also sincerely hope it wasn’t a mock production and not a limited one too; cos this biscuit is exxxxxxxxxtremely addictive, i can eat 5 within an hour. Imagine the money u guys will make out of me and others.

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