Dessini Regina Cookware Set – Black – 13pieces




(13Pieces) has been designed to allow you prepare virtually any kind of food. Its nice interior coating helps keep food from sticking and also allows for easy cleaning afterwards.

It is dishwasher safe so cleaning is even easier. Additionally, its elegant exterior will complement your kitchen décor.

The handles are well-designed to provide a comfortable and secure grip. It also remains cool even after heat has been applied to the cookware.

The pots heat up quickly and food is guaranteed to be cooked evenly. You will use less oil when cooking with the pots which make them ideal for health-conscious people.

This Cookware is made from high grade materials that ensure superior durability. You can use these non-stick pots for a long period of time.

They offer best results at all times. They have glass with stainless covers which allows for proper viewing while cooking and they offer a tight fit so all the nutrients and flavor will be properly trapped in. These non-stick pots come in different sizes to accommodate all your cooking needs.


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