Ayxu Foam Cleaner For Car And Home

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This Product Adopts The Newest Green Environmental Protection Formula With Strong Ability Of Sterilization And Deodorization. It Provides Heavy Duty Foam With Strong Infiltration And Cleaning Capacity Which Can Quickly Breaks Down Grease And Grime, Can Clean Any Dirt Of The Surface Of The Objects Completely And Refresh Them As The New. Widely Used In Cleansing And Degreasing Of Car Textiles On The Vessels Carpets Ceilings Flannelette Socket Sleeve And Many Other Kinds Of Objects. Shake Well, Spray And Wipe – Easy Steps For Deep Cleaning. Rich Foam Effectively Cleans Dirt, Grime And Grease Away. Eliminates Strong Odours And Smell Of Polluted Air, Dampness, Moisture, Smoke.. Not Only For Car Also Excellent For Household Cleaning. Best For Fabrics, Synthetic Leather, Vinyl, Carpets, Upholstery Of Wool, Nylon And Other Synthetics Also. 100% Safe & And Insensitive To Skin.


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